Copper Piping

June 14, 2016

Why choose Copper pipe plumbing?

When you think top of the line quality piping, Copper is first in line. Many professional plumbers have tons of reason on why copper pipes is the go to choice to an upgraded plumbing system for you home. Copper pipes can be good for wiring, flashing and many more.

Homeowners with copper plumbing system never have to worry if their hot and cold water is still distribution properly. Brandon, Florida plumbing offers copper re-piping and installation. For the many years plastic have been taking over the plumbing industry, simply because plastic is hell of a lot cheaper then copper pipes. In some cases builders tend to build on the cheap end to cut cost and save their self money.

Things you didn’t Know About Copper

  • Copper has long-term proven performance record
  • Copper can block materials from penetrating the pipe
  • Adds resale home value
  • Low lifetime home cost
  • Resit punctures even when aged
  • Resistance from fire and no toxic fumes
  • Withstand Sun and outdoor weather

Copper is used in more than 84% of homes all over the U.S.A. About 9 out of 10 people in the Unit States have copper piping in their homes. Copper systems in homes often require no maintenance at all.

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